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About the site

Why such generosity?
We give out games for free to users, but you probably wonder why?
- It's simple! For downloading files through a special downloader, we get a profit, for which we buy games for you.

I downloaded and there is a virus
- There are no viruses, since these loaders are official and are scanned by many antivirus software, at most it can be a false trigger, which in a short time will be eliminated.

Chance of validity
- The chance of validation is calculated from the number of users attempting to download the key and the cost of the game, after reaching 0% the key is considered used and removed from the race.
- If the chance of a validity is less than 100% this does not mean that the key is no longer working, maybe the user wanted to download the key but did not download, or he already has such a game and he did not activate it.